Author: Kim West, MSW, Mom of 2, creator of The Sleep Lady Shuffle

Communication is Key to Stop Bedwetting

Every day, 5 million American children wake up not knowing if their bed will be wet or dry. Many of these children feel embarrassed and ashamed-and some are punished. Bedwetting is almost as common as asthma, but it is often not discussed, even with doctors, be...
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Baby Sleep: A Drowsy Baby is a Baby Ready For Bed

People always ask how they can help their baby sleep. Often in my book, “Good Night, Sleep Tight”, I will instruct you to put your baby down to sleep when she is “drowsy but awake” so she can learn to do that last part of falling asleep ...
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One Nap Or Two? How Often Should my Toddler or Baby Nap

Consolidating from two naps to one is a major physical and psychological transition, with almost all children passing through the “one nap is too little, two naps is too much” phase. All we can do is try to make the transition as smooth as possible,...
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10 Tips for Pleasing Your Picky Eater

10 Tips for Pleasing Your Picky Eater, by Karen Mahan, BS, MS- Guest Blogger Being a picky eater is part of what it means to be a toddler. There are developmental reasons why kids between one and three years of age peck and poke at their food. After a year of r...
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A Guide to Getting Baby To Nap at Daycare

In my work with parents, I constantly stress the need to be consistent. But consistency isn’t always possible if babysitters, nannies, child care centers or grandmas are also involved with your child’s sleep. To the extent possible, work with these ...
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Toddler Sleep Solutions: The Crib to Bed Transition

All too often, parents rush to get their child out of a crib or into a bed, as though it were a sign of achievement, maturity, or their guaranteed success as adults, some act like it’s the ultimate toddler sleep solution. One woman I worked with even repo...
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