Facing some serious sleep deprivation? We are here to help with our top gentle sleep tips. Kim West LCSW-C, the creator of The Sleep Lady Shuffle℠ and mom of two, has 25 years of experience in sleep training. She has seen everything and there’s no sleep problem too hard for her to solve.

Our gentle sleep tips blog was created by Kim for parents with children as old as 6 years old, right down to newborns. From sleep training questions to weaning, daily schedules, co-sleeping, naps and so much more, we are sure there’s an answer to your sleep questions below!

Gentle Sleep Tips Blog and Resources

For more than 25 years, we have been on a mission to provide
proven, achievable, gentle sleep tips and solutions for parents and families everywhere.

Baby Sleep Tips: what sleeping like a baby really means

Baby Sleep Tips: Secret #6 -Babies are notoriously “light” sleepers Just like grown-ups and older kids, infants switch between REM (light) sleep and non-REM (very deep) sleep several times during the night and during naps. The big difference between baby sleep and adult sleep is, until they’re around two years old, babies log more REM…

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Baby Sleep Tips: Oh, the many ways babies soothe themselves to sleep!

Baby Sleep Tips: Excerpt from “52 Sleep Secrets for Babies” Secret #3 – Babies do all sorts of things to soothe themselves to sleep Some typical baby sleep rituals: -Sucking thumbs, fingers, a pacifier, or a lovey. -Twirling the tags or ears of stuffed toys. -Twirling their own hair; playing with their ears (not just a…

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Baby Sleep Tips: How Much Sleep Does My Baby or Toddler Need?

Baby Sleep Tips: Secret #3 Alert, bright babies need MORE than the average amount of sleep–not less A baby who seems ahead of the curve- interested in the world around her, reaching milestones early- often fools her parents into thinking she needs less sleep than the “typical” baby. In fact, she needs more. Because she’s…

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Toddler Sleep Problem: Summer Sleep Routine Busters

No matter how hard you try to keep your child on a predictable and comforting sleep routine, disruptions are inevitable, and so are some toddler sleep problems. Some routine-busters, like a vacation or a weekend at the grandparents, are planned and welcome. Others, like illnesses, strike without warning and can turn a child’s sleep upside…

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Baby Sleep Tip: What is the Best Baby Sleep Advice?

Check out the baby sleep article below printed in the UK’s paper the Telegraph on April 22, 2010. Make sure that you read the very last sentence. I will comment further there. What is the Best Baby Sleep Advice? In Penelope Leach, elder stateswoman of childcare gurus, say so. In a new book she argues that…

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Stop swaddling baby

“When Should I Stop Swaddling My Baby” – Weaning Your Baby Out of His Swaddle

Many parents of newborns worry that they will have to actively “wean” their baby from swaddling.  Luckily, babies often send clear signals that they don’t like being swaddled anymore as they get more mobile. On average, babies are ready to be weaned off swaddling between  3 and 4 months of age. However, many babies continue to enjoy being swaddled…

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“Baby Stop Crying!” – Learning the Secret Language of Babies

Excerpt from the Updated and Expanded version of “Good Night, Sleep Tight” The Secret Language of Babies Babies have a lot of different cries. I have been fascinated by Priscilla Dunstan’s work on baby sounds, and many families have found it very helpful in understanding their babies’ preverbal communication. Understanding what our little babies are…

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Communication is Key to Stop Bedwetting

Every day, 5 million American children wake up not knowing if their bed will be wet or dry. Many of these children feel embarrassed and ashamed-and some are punished. Bedwetting is almost as common as asthma, but it is often not discussed, even with doctors, because of its embarrassing nature. A recent study showed a…

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Nightmares or Night Terrors – Toddlers’ Sleep May Need Monitoring

Nightmares and night terrors are confusing in both cause and treatment. Knowing the difference between the two is the key to determine the best way to handle each episode. Nightmares occur during REM sleep, which happens near the end of our sleep period. When children have a nightmare, they will seek comfort from their disturbing…

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