You’re Baby Won’t Sleep? Putting Yourself to Sleep is a Learned Skill

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Research shows it takes the average person 15-20 minutes to fall asleep. What do YOU do during this time? Some parents read, take a both, meditate, or watch TV. Children, too, need to find something to help put themselves to sleep – playing with stuffed animals, sucking their thumb, looking at books, twirling their hair, rubbing their blanket, humming, rocking, or babbling. We need to give our children the opportunity…

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“My Baby Will Not Sleep” Is All About Quantity AND Quality Sleep

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First, let’s begin by addressing four of the most coveted words in parenting – “sleeping through the night” – a term most parents long to understand, experience, and feel! Throughout our sleep time, we are constantly transitioning and cycling between light and deep sleep (known as REM and non-REM). During these transition periods, we experience partial arousals – when we wake up, turn over, rearrange our pillows, or go to…

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