Facing some serious sleep deprivation? We are here to help with our top gentle sleep tips. Kim West LCSW-C, the creator of The Sleep Lady Shuffle℠ and mom of two, has 25 years of experience in sleep training. She has seen everything and there’s no sleep problem too hard for her to solve.

Our gentle sleep tips blog was created by Kim for parents with children as old as 6 years old, right down to newborns. From sleep training questions to weaning, daily schedules, co-sleeping, naps and so much more, we are sure there’s an answer to your sleep questions below!

Gentle Sleep Tips Blog and Resources

For more than 25 years, we have been on a mission to provide
proven, achievable, gentle sleep tips and solutions for parents and families everywhere.

Top 5 Halloween Sleep Tips

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for children, but the late night trick-or-treating, massive amounts of sugar, and excitement can throw a wrench into even the best sleeper’s patterns.   Be Prepared   Try to avoid letting your child become over-tired or overstimulated before bedtime on Halloween night. This is especially true if you…

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Zen Swaddle Give Away Contest!

This week I am happy to introduce another reader favorite product – The Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean.  I love this product as it aligns perfectly with my sleep philosophies and sets the stage for having success with future sleep coaching.   The Benefits of The Zen Swaddle™ Guest Post By Nested Bean   The Zen…

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Solving Toddler Tantrums

In this week’s blog, I am featuring an article written by Amy McCready,  the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and a self-described “recovering yeller.”  Her Toolbox strategies have empowered parents worldwide to correct their kids’ misbehaviors without nagging, reminding or yelling.  If you’ve ever lived through a tantrum of any age, then you will appreciate Amy’s…

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EZ Squeezees Give Away Contest

We are always on the lookout for new products that will not only help parents, but helps the environment as well.  And when a product also helps your wallet, well then we have to feature it in one of our Give Away Contests!   In this week’s blog, we are featuring EZ Squeezees, a product founded…

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Does Your Baby’s Childcare Negatively Affect His Sleep?

  One of the most frequently touched on questions that I receive involves naps (or lack thereof sometimes) at childcare. And WHY does your child sleep differently at childcare and home? And what if childcare nap schedules are different than what you do at home? How can you ensure that your child naps/sleeps well at…

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Are You Ready To Stop Swaddling?

  Guest post by Maureen A. Howard of Magic Sleepsuit®   The Magic Sleepsuit is a swaddle transition product designed by a mother of four who is also a pediatric physical therapist. The Magic Sleepsuit provides babies with a cozy, secure feeling, and helps muffle their reflexive startles to aid in their sleep. The Magic Sleepsuit…

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Consistency In Sleep Coaching

Sleep coaching requires consistency … Here’s why:   We all know we “should” be consistent in parenting in general—myself included. Yet none of us are perfect parents, though we do try.  I get it.  I’m a parent, too.  It’s hard work taking care of our little ones!  And often, it’s hard to be consistent, but…

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When Should I Night Wean My Toddler?

Would you like me to answer your baby sleep problem in my next video? If so, click on the button to the right that says “Click Here to Ask the Sleep Lady” and submit your question. I will pick several questions a month to answer and post them here on the blog! Hi, Kim West,…

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The Toddler Pillow and Other Room Safety Rules for the “Big Kid Bed”

The Toddler Pillow and Other Room Safety Rules for the “Big Kid Bed” Congratulations! You’ve just moved your toddler to a “big kid” bed. The ‘baby’ decorations are gone and you and your toddler have agreed upon a new theme. You’ve gone shopping for wall decals, a new night light, and, the best part of…

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Sleep Coaching With Postpartum Depression

  This week, I’m answering Cat’s question about sleep and post partum depression:   “My son is two and a half and was recently transitioned from one nap at day care at around 11:30 or 12:00 to no naps because he was refusing to sleep until 9:30 or 10:00 pm on those days when he had a…

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