toddler wakes screaming

Help! My Toddler is Waking and Screaming at Night! – Video

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Hi. I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady, and in this video I’m going to answer Natalie’s question she posted on Facebook about her toddler waking and screaming at night. Here’s what she said: Hi there. My 19-month-old goes to bed fine, but he is waking and screaming at night until he comes into my bed. He’s a big boy and it’s killing my back, but I can’t resettle him in…

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graco everyway soother

Giveaway! Win a Graco® EveryWay Soother™ with Removable Rocker

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Nothing can beat cuddles with Mom and Dad, but the new Graco EveryWay Soother™ with Removable Rocker serves as a great alternative when parents need a free hand. The swing offers 16 soothing motions — the most of any swing on the market. There are eight unique ways to swing, and two directions that allow for side-to-side or front-to-back swinging. The swing seat conveniently doubles as a removable rocker to keep…

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resisting at bedtime

Video: My Toddler is Resisting at Bedtime! What Should I Do?

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Hi! I’m Kim West, The Sleep Lady, and in today’s video I’m going to answer Claire’s question about her daughter who is resisting at bedtime. Here’s what she wrote in: My daughter is 2-1/2 years old and she recently started crying at bedtime. She’s surrounded by her dolls and teddies and she repeatedly cries, “I’m on my own!” She’s always slept through the night and I don’t what I can…

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nap schedule

Help Your Child Nap Well: A Nap Schedule for Every Age

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Parents often wonder when their baby will settle into a “perfect” nap schedule. This can feel quite elusive when you have a newborn, but knowing what to expect based on your baby’s age and development can help. It’s important to set realistic expectations and to understand nap basics and how to transition your child from two naps to one and then to a quiet time. I advise parents to follow some…

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sleep coaching a four-year-old

Sleep Coaching a Four-Year-Old — Ask the Sleep Lady

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Hi. I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady, and in today’s video I’m going to answer Ally’s question about sleep coaching a four-year-old that she posted on my Facebook page. Here’s what she wrote: My daughter is almost four years old and has been having a hard time lately falling asleep without our assistance. She needs us to hold her hand, snuggle or something that keeps us in the room. She…

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Adjusting Your Child’s Bedtime and Sleep Schedule for Back-To-School

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Oh, the lazy days of summer. Long stretches of daylight, lemonade, grilling, and pick-up games outside. If it could only last a little longer! As the season winds down, you may take a final getaway weekend with your family. Or you may just stay home and squeeze every bit of time before school starts. Either way, there’s a good chance that your children are off their normal bedtime and sleep schedule by now. That’s completely…

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11-month-old who wakes

11-Month-Old Who Wakes Frequently at Night – Ask The Sleep Lady

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I’m Kim West, The Sleep Lady, and in this video I’m going to answer Debbie’s question about her 11-month-old who wakes up at night. Here’s what she wrote in: My 11 month-old son knows how to go to sleep on his own although there are times when he refuses. Then he needs to be rocked or sung to. But, he wakes up frequently throughout the night and needs to be…

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back-to-school checklists

Kick Off Back-To-School Routines for your Special Needs Child by Using Custom Checklists

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As parents at the end of summer (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s easy for us to put off the bedtime routine piece of our back-to-school checklist until the very last moment. We may even be tempted to simply forget routines altogether and just “see how it goes” this year. Or perhaps we may be too stressed to think of one more thing on top of all…

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wean from swaddle

How to Wean from Swaddling – A Gentle Transition

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Article originally appeared in Gentle Baby Solutions, Week 16 So you’ve reached that wonderful — and often dreaded milestone: your baby is ready to give up the swaddle. But are you? Many parents of newborns worry that they will have to actively “wean” their baby from swaddling.  Luckily, babies often send clear signals that they don’t like being swaddled anymore as they get more mobile. On average, babies are ready to be weaned off…

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