Facing some serious sleep deprivation? We are here to help with our top gentle sleep tips. Kim West LCSW-C, the creator of The Sleep Lady Shuffle℠ and mom of two, has 25 years of experience in sleep training. She has seen everything and there’s no sleep problem too hard for her to solve.

Our gentle sleep tips blog was created by Kim for parents with children as old as 6 years old, right down to newborns. From sleep training questions to weaning, daily schedules, co-sleeping, naps and so much more, we are sure there’s an answer to your sleep questions below!

Gentle Sleep Tips Blog and Resources

For more than 25 years, we have been on a mission to provide
proven, achievable, gentle sleep tips and solutions for parents and families everywhere.

My Toddler is Waking at Night for a Bottle

Would you like to have me answer your toddler sleep problem in my next video? If so, please visit my Facebook Page and post your question using the hashtag #askthesleeplady! I will pick several questions a month to answer and post them here on the blog! If you would rather read than watch my above video…

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Could My Baby's Naps Be Too Long?

  Would you like me to answer your baby sleep problem in my next video? If so, scroll down and submit your question in the comment section below. I will pick several questions a month to answer and post them here on the blog!   Hi, Kim West, The Sleep Lady and in today’s vlog,…

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Understanding What "Drowsy But Awake" Really Means

Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone has a different definition of “drowsy”. That’s fine, except when we’re talking about “drowsy but awake” and sleep coaching. And I’ve found that most parent’s don’t really know what “drowsy but awake” really means.   What “Drowsy But Awake” Really Means     When I…

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Crane Humidifier Giveaway

Although spring is supposed to be here, many of us are still in the throes of unpredictable weather, warm one day and freezing the next. If you’ve been using your heater, you’ve probably noticed that the air feels dry, your skin is a bit dry. If you are noticing the drying effects of your heat,…

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How a Better Night’s Sleep Will Help Create Healthier Eating Habits

A Guest Post By Healthy with Stefan Many people fail to realize that sleep and obesity, as a result of food choices, are connected. A good night’s sleep could mean the difference between craving unhealthy treats and enjoying fruit and vegetables. It really could be that simple. A good night’s sleep helps you to make…

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The Sleep Lady Is Coming To Texas! Reserve Your Ticket NOW!

On Saturday morning, March 28th, I will be at Baby Earth, a super cool baby store in the Austin/Round Rock area, talking about Where Good Sleep Begins at an event sponsored by Cloud b. Here are a few of the topics I will touch on: ● Advice for newborns to children 6 years old; ●…

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4 Ways to Help Your Child Answer Anxious Questions

Guest Post Written by Renee Jain If your child is anxious, it’s likely they do something I like to call what-iffing: “What if I don’t get asked to the dance?” “What if you run out of gas and can’t pick me up from school?” “What if we get robbed?” “What if… [insert your child’s anxious thought…

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